Deploying IOS and Android App using Octopus Deploy


We are an Octopus Deploy house but we need to start to deploy Android and IOS App.

Does anyone have any experience in using Octopus Deploy to push out Mobile Apps ?



Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch! Generally when it comes to mobile Apps Octopus isn’t very helpful. We have two devs who also are IOS devs who have created and submitted Apps.
One did an extensive use case of Octopus submitting to the Apple store and found that it wasn’t something that saved time due to how the process is. While he did manage to automate the process, Octopus was an unnecessary man in the middle.
We believe its a similar case for submitting Android Apps. Octopus mostly just gets in the way or adds complexity where it may not be needed.

Where we could help is if there are any services or databases that the app requires. Those could be deployed with Octopus.

Are there any specific processes that you do now manually when deploying these Apps that you believe could be automated? Happy to be wrong on this!
We may also get lucky with a member of the community who does use Octopus to deploy Mobile Apps to come and swoop in and tell me I am absolutely wrong.



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