Deploying from TeamCity picks up the wrong Nuget package version

I have a website that I’m deploying from TeamCity using the Octopus plugin. The Nuget feed that Octopus is using is on the same server as TeamCity.

The problem is that the deployed package is the previous version in the feed and not the latest from the build that is calling Octopus.

Any ideas on this?

Hi Sean,

I expect it will be one of these issues:

  • The Octopus: Release step needs to be run from a different build configuration in TeamCity than the one which creates your NuGet package, because TeamCity doesn’t make NuGet packages available until after the build completes
  • TeamCity can sometimes be slow in updating the NuGet package feed - in this case you’ll need to specify the specific version to deploy rather than just deploying the latest packages.


Hi Paul

Aha - I am indeed deploying from the same build configuration.

Many thanks!