Deploying docker images to Azure Container Service via Octopus

I was reading documentation related to how Octopus has added support for deploying docker images. However, didn’t found good article which details how can one deploy images from Azure Container Registry to Azure Container Service via Octopus.

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have built-in support for deploying docker containers to the Azure Container Services offering. There is currently however, the ability deploy containers to a on-premise docker host using Azure Container Registry as the registry source, much like a feed. We have open tickets in GitHub and UserVoice to extend this support however as of the time of writing this feature enhancement has not yet risen to the top of the stack of work to complete. Please feel free to take a look at the open suggestions and add your thoughts on how this should work so that we can take it into consideration as part of that feature.
Let me know your thoughts or any further questions you may have.