Deploying Different Configurations To Octopus Deploy

I hope this isn’t really obvious in the documentation as I can’t find anything on it. Basically we are just starting to try Octopus Deploy for our solution but the problem we have is that we have different configurations. Simple story is that we have multiple build configurations and depending on the build configuration additional projects are built and the output copied to the bin directory of the website or windows service. These dlls are then loaded by MEF and it adds additional functionality to our application specific for a customer.

We are using Visual Studio Online and starting to look at using the automated builds with Octopus Deploy as detailed here:

My question is how do we distinguish the nuget packages that are built based on configuration so that we can then then link these specific nuget packages to specific deployments in OctopusDeploy? Or is there a way to include additional projects in a deployment that then get put in the bin folder of the web/windows service?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! The possibly simplest solution to this issue would be to include all of the different dlls in the one package, but in a single folder, then on deployment you can create a PowerShell step to move the correct dll into the correct location for the specific customer.

Let me know if you think this would be viable, and I can explain more about variable scoping and how the release might work. I would need to understand where the releases happen.
Do your customers installations exist on the same endpoint or different endpoints?