Deploying Certs


I have a cert that needs to be deployed to mmc and iis over several of our servers. Is there a way to automate this through Octopus? I don’t want to have to go to every machine and update again.

The past process was to go to every site, copy it to the desktop, then go through the steps. Just trying to alleviate future human error.

Hi Travis,

You have good timing with your question. We have a feature designed for exactly this scenario which will should ship within the next week. This will provide the ability to upload your certificates into Octopus, and we will have built-in features to install them into the Windows Certificate Store, or to use them for IIS bindings.

If you can’t wait that long :wink: or are unable to upgrade your Octopus Server, then the approach would be to either:

  • Store the certificate as a variable in Octopus (e.g. a base-64 encoded PFX file) and script the installation yourself in a Script Step.
  • Bundle the certificate in a package, and again script the installation of it.

I hope that helps,


Do you have a way I could test a sample when it is released so I can pitch it to the CTO?


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Sure! When you install Octopus, you get a free trial license (see our pricing page for the details).

The certificates functionality will be in Octopus version 3.11, which should appear on our downloads page either later today or tomorrow.

Or follow us on Twitter: @OctopusDeploy

I hope that helps.