Deploying App to Azure Web App Service with .NET Core and Angular

I’m trying to deploy an app that has the API and Web App all in one. In other words, my project already has a wwwroot folder where the angular code lives. Octo isn’t letting me deploy to the site folder in azure. It always deploys into the wwwroot folder, which ends up being wwwroot/wwwroot.

How do I deploy above this?

Here’s what my project looks like

Hi Daniel, thanks for getting in touch.

One thing to keep in mind here is that wwwroot in Azure is the web server root which is a bit different from the wwwroot folder in .net core. If you have everything configured in your application to serve static content from the wwroot folder as part of your pipeline then everything should work provided the static content files are all there.

Is there a particular error you are experiencing when trying to access the site? Do things work if you manually publish through Visual Studio? How are you currently packaging your application?


Thanks Shaun,

When I posted originally, I didn’t have my detailedErrors enabled for .NET Core. I enabled those now and I’m getting a series of [No connection string specified] errors.

I had gone as far as moving the inner files/dirs up one level and the front end of the site worked, so that led me to believe it wasn’t being deployed right.

I’ll work down the error chain from here.

Hi Daniel, no problem at all.

Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :slight_smile: