Deploying a database upgrade via a polling tentacle does not work

I have a package with a power shell script which executes the database.exe. On deploying it via a polling tentacle on my local machine, the script successfully executes. As per the log all the database scripts are executed on my SQL Server localdb. But, I do not see any changes that got reflected on my localdb. I confirmed that the package has been deployed to my local machine. If i manually run the script from the deployed package the database changes reflect. But when octopus runs the powershell the database changes does not happen but the log captures that database upgrade has been completed successfully.
Please let me know if you need more information on this issue.


Hi @sanjeev_thota,

Thanks for getting in touch!

My first reaction here is that there must be a difference in the user permissions between the user account that you log in with when running the script manually vs. the account that your Tentacle is running as. As a test I would suggest changing the user that your Tentacle is running as to match the user that you ran your successful test with.

If that fails then I would need your raw task log to investigate further.

Thanks @sanjeev_thota


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