Deploy without packages, just cause tentacle to pull from GitHub?


I’m successfully using Octopus to deploy several sites using the standard TeamCity + Nuget package approach.
I’m now working on a subsite which is basically just ~800 images totalling ~500MB. I don’t want to go through the full setup of building packages on TeamCity, transferring them to the Octopus server, and then deploying them - it feels too unwieldy with too many copies of that 500MB repository floating around.

Is it possible to create an Octopus site which just points at a Github repo, and when I deploy that site, it just tells the server to go pull down all the images directly from Github? I’m aware that there’s a “Git Pull” action template, but I’m not sure how to start configuring Octopus to work this way. Any guidance?

Thanks, Darren.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for reaching out. So out of the box this is not supported, but given that you can pretty much script anything in your deployment process, you technically can do it with Octopus.

You’ll need to do something like:

  1. Use Git.exe to pull the changes from the repo and put them on a specific directory.

  2. Create the website and point it to the directory where you dropped your binaries.

Best regards,