Deploy Windows Service with Active Directory account as user


I’ve a strange problem with the installation of an Windows Service for the first time.
The scenario: Windows Service, custom location, an run as an AD account; Deploy it using Online and Offline methods via Octopus.

The installation fails when try to start up the service. For some reason it do not take the right credentials.
If we re-input the credentials in the Services and re-run the redeployment, the service starts up.

The password is correct, to debug it we use the password in clear text (low security, but for debug purposes).
The Octopus version is 3.2.8.

Thanks João Rosa

Hi João,

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve had similar issues reported in the past and it was generally due to passwords with special characters or sometimes incorrect variable scoping. I’d suggest confirming that your password does not have any special characters (i.e. single (’) or double quote (") characters) and try changing it if necessary.

Alternately, the following support page is quite helpful to debug variable problems. Specifically the “Write the variables to the deployment log” section.

Let me know how you go.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info. In this case the password as an asterisk (*), however that should not be a problem. We pass across a problem with the pound sign (£) where Octopus can’t pass it along.
We will investigate further and let you know.

Regards, João Rosa

Hi João,

Thanks for the reply. I took a look at the code that actually executes the windows service deployment and this area hasn’t changed much since August last year so it should be pretty stable. FYI - It’s open source and available on github if you’d like to take a look.

Let me know how you go.



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