Deploy web application to 2 different server categories, each with different config

Hi all,
I have a questions how I might do this. We have one project that gets deployed twice. The only difference is the config (which database it is pointing to). I am now deploying it to two different roles. The first role has the correct transformation happening. But the second role does not have a configuration that is the same name as the environment I am deploying to. I.e., we are deploying to Integration environment. we have two transformation files, web.integration.config and web.integrationGlobal.config. For the 2nd role, I want to transform the config ffile to the connection string in web.integrationGlobal.config.

Also, this is an application in a website. There are multiple applications here, so I cannot change the configuration from the variables, at least I do not think so. So the website name is something like Website/ApplicationLocal, and the 2nd role, the website name is Website/ApplicationGlobal. Any ideas?