Deploy using console?


we have a bunch of bat scripts using the octo client:
octo promote-release --project=ABC --from=ENV1 --deployto=ENV2 --server: --apiKey=API-SUPER-SECRET
octo promote-release --project=XYZ --from=ENV1 --deployto=ENV2 --server: --apiKey=API-SUPER-SECRET

Is it possible to do this via the script console in Octopus? This would be great, as it would enable us to not have the client locally installed or being logged in via RDP to the octopus server.

Hi Lars,

Thanks for getting in touch! There is no way to do what you are asking through the script console, however Octopus is built on a rest API
So you could easily write a script that accesses the API and creates the release promotions as you are doing with octo.exe.
The start of the documentation chain for the API can be found here:

May I ask, why is it an issue having a copy of octo.exe locally? It doesn’t require installation to run and is relatively small.


Hi and thank you for reply, Vanessa!

We use a lot of different machines at work, running Linux, Mac, etc. and would love to be able to just go to a web page and get it done. Pure laziness and platform independence! :slight_smile:

(In my dreams it would be possible to create custom scripts which are visible as buttons on the dashboard or somewhere else. I could give them names like “Deploy R13 projects to DEV”, “Promote special projects to PCI” etc., and then anybody could do run these without any installation, script knowlegde etc.)

Hi Lars,

Thanks for the extra info! I daresay that the new upcoming Lifecycle feature might be a little bit of a step towards your dream (it’s singular project only), but your overall idea sounds like a really good idea for a potential feature. Would you like me to add it to UserVoice for you?


Hi Vanessa,

That is good to hear, and the lifecycle feature seems promising! Please add my idea to the UserVoice :slight_smile:

Best regards,