Deploy updated dlls to existing release

We have a tenanted web application where some dlls are specific to the tenant.

In the move to Octopus we have a process which deploys several web sites and deploys the tenant specific dlls as a build step.

In our old manual process we were able to deploy just the updated Tenant specific dlls into an existing release without the need for a full deployment.

Is it possible to do this with Octopus, if so, what are the steps?

Hi @dana.nurse,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Releases can be edited and have different packages assigned to them, however, this isn’t best practice as it will create an inconsistency between the deployments of that package.

A better option may be to use Channels and step scoping so that you can create new releases when these tenant dlls need to be released but limit the deployment to only a single step.


  • Create a new channel - “Tenant dlls”
  • Edit the Channel condition of each step in your deployment process to only run on the original channel, except the step that deploys the dlls, have that scoped to both channels
  • Create a new release for the new channel, with the updated dll package and deploy as needed

Another option could be to create a Runbook and use that to perform the additional dll updates when needed.


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