"Deploy To" not as expected

I initially was deploying an app but forgot to check the db for necessary updates, so I cancelled the deploy. I noticed that when I went back to retry - that the first field didn’t list the previously selected “Deploy To” field. I would have expected my last selection to be pre-selected, considering that it just assumed that anyways when I accidentally started the deploy.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you using Internet Explorer? (We found some unreliable behaviour setting selection boxes in the browser so we disabled it for this screen rather than mistakenly selecting the wrong environment.)

I was using Chrome. IE … psh! Nicholas! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah :slight_smile: good to hear!

2.1 has some further fixes for the selection box in question, hopefully this is resolved by now.

Checked out your other IIS-related question, jury is still out, will try to figure out a plan of attack…