Deploy to Multiple targets using Database "Jump Box"

I’m just looking a bit of help really.

I have a project that deploys a DACPAC through a life-cycle of DEV, TEST, PRE-PROD and PROD. The deployment targets are setup as a “Jump Box” with the SQL Client Tools installed so the database objects are installed from there (this is actually the same box with 4 tentacles installed for the 4 environments).

The bit I’m trying to get my head around is that for 1 of these environments the DACPAC actually needs to be deployed to 2 different SQL Servers (PROD). The rest just go to a single server each. Since there is not an tentacle installed on each of the SQL Servers and I am just using a Jump Box model for this, would I be able to setup the project to achieve this?

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I’ve had a chat with the team about this to brainstorm some ideas and the idea we settled on would be to keep the single DACPAC step, but you can re-add an identical deployment target within the Prod Environment so that it executes twice.

I hope this helps!

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi Reece,

Thanks. I opted for a slightly different approach in the end. Your way is great but it would have used up another one of my machine licenses. Instead I simply added 2 DACPAC release steps in the project and set the last one to only run when deploying to production.


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