Deploy to IIS defect when using a package with metadata

Hey there

I have come across a defect.

With a package that is using build metadata in it’s versioning, e.g v1.0.0+develop and then using the Deploy to IIS step, it results in the ‘+’ being mangled in the file path.

  1. Create a package with the version format of x.y.z-a+b (2.20.0-e403da7f.997+team-limpopo in my case)
  2. Create a deployment process with the IIS Deployment step in it
  3. In that deployment step, set it to deploy the package from step 1
  4. Run the deployment

Result is the path is mangled at the end, eg:



This causes weird IIS behaviour

Using Octopus v2018.2.0

Hi Arran,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What you are describing is a known bug that was introduced in Octopus 2018.2.0 and we are currently resolving. The fix is currently going through code review and should be included in a release tomorrow which all going to plan will be 2018.2.4.

Apologies for this one, looks like we missed encoding around + properly.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with,