Deploy to Development and Test

I can deploy to my Development environment, but not to the Test environment. I see the following error - NAME does not apply to the current environment, and will not be executed, The acquisition step will be skipped because no steps requiring packages are enabled, No steps can be executed.

In my build I have the true just in the section. In Configuration Transforms ‘Automatically run configuration transformation files’ is not ticked and I have ‘Web.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.config => Web.Config’ in additional transforms.

Any help appreciated, thanks, Darren.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for getting in touch! This sounds like a scoping issue! Somewhere you have a step, project, project group or variable defined to Development only.
As you can get to the deployment or promotion screen we will have to assume that your project group is set correctly.
So if you could please look at the project step and make sure you do not have any environment set or a machine role set that is not included in your Test environment.

If you are a bit stumped please provide a screenshot of your package step settings, specifically the environment or role settings, and a screenshot of your test environment from the environments page.

Hope that helps!

You where correct the project step was not targeting both environments. Thanks for the prompt.

Best, Darren.