Deploy to Azure which isn't reachable from Octopus Server


I need to deploy to an Azure Web App which by network policies isn’t reachable from the Octopus Server. Some thoughts are to have a “proxy” tentacle that has access to both the Octopus Server and the Azure Web App, which gets the package from Octopus Server, and then deploys it in the Azure Web App? Perhaps through creating an offline deployment package and then run it against the Azure Web App?


Jonas Hilmersson

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for getting in touch! Using offline mode works well for machines that can not be connected to the Octopus server, but they still require the .bat file to be run for the deployment to be executed (which you can do if you have an Azure Virtual Machine that you can RDP into, but we don’t think you can do this with Azure Web Apps). However Azure Web Apps have an option to FTP. Are you able to enable FTP to Azure? If you are able to configure a Proxy Tentacle, you should be able to offline drop there and FTP the files to Azure. You will need to be able to send the files from the proxy server to Azure (FTP). So this may require some manual scripting.

The other option that we can currently think of would be to move away from Azure subscriptions and use an Azure VM.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,