Deploy Targets Server Management

We have hundreds of servers we deploy to in all our environments. Is it possible to manage the deploy targets machine roles in a external database, file, or otherwise not using the GUI? Our goal would be to manage large lists of the machine roles with having to access each project build process template.


Hi Kendall,

Thanks for reaching out. If you are using Octopus 2.X you could use the Octopus API to update the roles of your machines. There’s a github project called Octoposh which gives you a toolset to do this from Powershell. Here’s are a couple of examples of dealing with Machine roles with Octoposh:

The storage of the info in a external database will be up to you. The goal of Octoposh is to give you a toolset to GET/SET info in/from Octopus.

If you are using Octopus 3.0, you can use Octoposh but currently only for Polling/Listening tentacles. You could also update the machine’s roles straight from the SQL database (table machines), but I don’t usually recommend messing with the database unless its absolutely necesary. I’d recommend the API approach, as it adds an extra layer of safety

Hope that helps