Deploy step - Package selection issue

I have already open a ticket before, but it has been moved to uncategorized. I have done probably something wrong, I don’t know, but I renew my question.
My scenario is:

  • Jenkins build server:
    Octo pack used to create the zip file.
    Octo push to push the zip file using the API-key to the Octopus server.
    Octo create-release to create a new release and to attach the zip file to the new release.

  • Octopus server (v2018.2.6) :
    No feed configured, the files are pushed via Octo create-release and they are in the default folder \Packages…
    If I create the deploy step in the project process in order to take the zip and decompress it on my targets, what package name should I set?
    The package name could change every time Jenkins build a different branch, for instance.
    Is there any variable like Octopus.release.packagename?
    Is there a way to programmatically instruct Octopus to use the right package file?

Thank you for your time,
I hope this won’t be moved again.

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