Deploy Step - Empty Folder Zip Extraction, Custom Package


I discovered some unexpected behavior when deploying a zip (custom package) with an empty folder inside. Namely, the zip will extract folders with contents but not empty folders. Is this by design? If not, can you fix it?

I know it seems odd to have a build with an empty folder. However, we use Octopus for Tomcat JVM deploys, which requires a temp folder on startup. As a workaround, I create a placeholder.txt file in the folder, but this is not the preferred method.

See attached zip for package to reproduce. We are on Octopus version 3.11.6.

Travis (350 Bytes)

Hi Travis,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is definitely a bug, looks like a regression from a few months ago. I’ve created an issue in our system you can track here: I’ve got a fix running through our CI system now, and have updated our test suite to make sure we don’t break this again. The fix should be out in our next release in the next few days.


Thanks Mark for the quick reply and proposed fix!

I look forward to the updated version.

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