Deploy step doesn't deploy any files on local tentacle

I have a deployment with multiple remote tentacles. All works fine, however I wanted to be able to deploy to the octopus server as well so installed the tentacle on that.

Everything runs as expected and no errors are reported, but the deploy step doesn’t actually copy any files.

When I look at the log it looks like this:

Deploying package 'D:\Octopus\Files\Redirector.' to machine ''
Deploying package:    D:\Octopus\Files\Redirector.
Purging the directory 'D:\Applications\Redirector'
Copying package contents to 'D:\Applications\Redirector'
Copied 0 files

The log looks the same for other tentacles, except the last line says “Copied 30 files”.

I’m using the latest version 3.3.22.

Is this a supported scenario?



Thanks for getting in touch! Yeah that is something that can be done. The packages look like they may be different, however. If you clear the following directory: D:\Octopus\Files\ on the Octopus Server and re-release them, that should get it working for you.

Let me know how you go!