Deploy several Projects at the same time using rolling deployment

I have a suite of services that I deploy to a group of loadbalanced servers.

The Rolling Deployment feature works really well for this. It allows me to remove the machine from the loadbalancer (via powershell) then do my release, then put the machine back into the loadbalancer.

However, it would be nice if there were a way to merge my releases.

The ideal of what I am looking for is:

I have 3 projects that all share the Step Template of “Remove from Load Balancer” as the starting child step and “Add to Load Balancer” as the ending child step.

I would like to have “Remove from Load Balancer” run, then have all 3 projects run their deployment steps, then have “Add to Load Balancer” run.

Is there a way to merge deployments like that?

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch! There is no way to combine projects into another project deployment process. And we do not have any functionality that creates a deployment from multiple projects.
We do have some suggestions on the UV site for this, so feel free to head over and add your votes and comments.

The only way currently would be to combine all of your projects into a single project and have many many steps.

Sorry if that is bad news.