Deploy scripts not running

We recently updated to version and I noticed that our deploy scripts are not running. We have them in a DeployScripts folder in the nuget package for each application, and we haven’t touched them since we started using Octo. So, i took them out of the DeployScripts folder and put the in the root of the nuget package, then they ran as expected.

Is this a known breaking change for this release?

Hi Dan,

I’m really sorry about this - yes, we changed the way we run PowerShell scripts and we only run them if they live in the root of the package from now on (you can read at the blog post below). Unfortunately I forgot to explicitly call it out in the release notes. I’ve updated the release notes now - again, I’m really sorry for not communicating this better.


Ok. It would be nice to have known breaking changes clearly marked on the download page. That way we can make the appropriate changes to the apps or projects before we install the new version of the server. It wouldn’t be a big deal if we only had a hand full of apps, but we have over 30 apps and it gets painful having to change the deployments all of the time.

I appreciate all you guys do, and thanks for the quick response. Keep up the great work!!