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I have a question regarding the release step variable. I’m following instructions from

So project “Voltron” has “Deploy Blue Lion” Step (which triggers project “Blue Lion” ) and in this release step is setup variable PaladinName = Princess Allura. For example, Blue Lion has process step “Print variable” where I want to print a value of PaladinName. How to achieve that?

Octopus.Action[Deploy Blue Lion].Output.Deployment[Print variable].PaladinName ?

Hi Matija,

Thanks for getting in touch! Passing variables through the Deploy a Release step are made available in the second project just like normal project variables. This means you can simply use variable substitution syntax like #{PaladinName} and that’ll evaluate to Princess Allura in the second project (Blue Lion).

I hope this helps! Let me know how you go or if you have any further questions moving forward. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Kenneth_Bates

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