Deploy package to multiple sites


Firstly - really like Octopus Deployment, think its excellent tool and have been using it for over a year now.#

My question is, I have a package that I deploy to one site in IIS with Octopus.

I would now like to be able to deploy the same package in to multiple sites in IIS - so one package to 4 IIS sites as part of the same deployment. Is this possible and can it be achieved?


Hi Niall,

Thanks for getting in touch! You could easily set up a step for each different site. Each step using the same package, but set up your variables to be scoped to the step ie:
Step 1: “Deploy SiteA”. Set directory, path, app pool settings all to variables scoped to “Deploy SiteA”. Then repeat for the other X steps.

Hope this helps!


But the problem in having separate step for each website is the package would be uploaded for each step. If you repeat 4 times then the package will be uploaded 4 times. Is it possible to give a list of websites that need to be deployed in a step?


All four sites are on the same machine? You could deploy to the first site, and then have an additional, custom powershell script that copies the contents of the first directory to the other three. This would prevent having to upload the package to the remote machine four times.

Yes all the four sites are on the same server and all the four of them point to the same directory. I know we can deploy the first site and then use a custom PS script to update the location for other sites. But Octopus deploy doesn’t support this out of the box. It would be nice if it can.

Hi Vijai,

Could you tell us more about your scenario. Why you put all four sites into the one package. Do you consistently change all of the sites so it is more convenient?
I can’t find a similar suggestion in UserVoice so I am wondering how popular this scenario is - and why all the sites in one package.


Hi Vanessa,

In our setup we have four different websites in IIS points to the same directory. Reason for this setup is so each website can use it’s own app pool and we also have to use SSL certificates. In Octopus deploy I’ve created a step for each website and all the steps use the same packages. The problem with this approach is that OD uploads the same package 4 times to the tentacles which is kind of redundant. It would have been great if I can list a series of websites that need to be updated in one step instead of creating a step for each website even though all the websites are going to use the same package.


I’m actually facing the same requirement here. Has there been (developed) a solution to this in the meanwhile?


Thanks for getting in touch.

You still need to configure a step per website. Octopus should not longer transfer the same package multiple times.

Alternatively in 3.4 you can use Tenants to provide variables to your step. So you would configure the step once in your deployment process but then configure a Tenant for each time you need to website configured. See here for more information: