Deploy package to Azure container


We would like to deploy a small application to an Azure container from Octopus, but only as a nuget package, so it is not deployed as an Azure cloud service. We have a script to upload the package to the container, but first we would like to perform variable substitution for our configuration files. We were thinking to use the template “Deploy a package” , but we are not sure what to put for deployment targets and “Runs on targets in roles” since the script to upload to Azure container is run only in the next step. Is it ok to specify the Octopus server as a location for our package to do the variable substitution? Will the package be deleted afterwards or is there a better way to do this?

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Hi Laura

Thanks for reaching out!

In this case, you will need to deploy to a Tentacle (using the Deploy a Package step), and then a Run a Script step to call your upload script. Retention policies can be used to clean up the old packages.

In this kind of circumstance, it is common to have a Tentacle dedicated as a worker role. You can install a Tentacle on the server, but this is not recommended (as it greatly reduces the security of your Octopus Server).

Hope that helps!