Deploy only to new target in environment automatically as a part of autoscaling process

I’m working on a autoscaling solution in AWS. I have worked out how to automatically register new tentacle in environment when autoscaling process is triggered.

The problem I’m facing is how to deploy a project automaticaly when a new tentacle is joined in the environment?

I have been looking at octo.exe tool that would allow me to accomplish what I need but I stuck at providing the --version variable as I would need to know project release version.

Ideally I would like to specify only the environment, machine name, octopus server, and API Key with out project and version as there may be multiple projects per machine role and environment.

I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this problem.

Hi Janis,

Thanks for reaching out. Definitely not the first one asking about this. This is a scenario we plan on supporting, and that we even wrote about in our blog: .If possible, please drop by that post and add a comment letting us know how it would help with your scenario.

At the current version of Octopus, the best way to approach this is using Octo.exe deploy-release with the parameter --specificmachines to start a deployment only against the machine that was just added to the pool. Like you mentioned, the key here is to figure out which was the latest release for your specific project. For that you can pass the value --version=latest to your Octo.exe call and Octopus will pick the latest version and deploy it.

You will always need to know the name of the project, as there’s no way to start a deployment without that piece of information.



Hi Dalmiro,

Thank you for your response. I will definitely leave my thoughts in the comment section on the blog post.

As for the octo.exe unfortunately I have failed to use it. I have reported it and I think the ticket is with you -

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Hi Janis,

Thanks for taking the time to add a comment on that post.

I’ve just replied to our other ticket about Octo.exe via email. Let’s continue our conversation over there.