Deploy NuGet package into existing directory

I use an application that is deployed inside a container. We install the container application onto a Windows server, and its configuration watches for changes to DLLs (our application) in one of its sub-directories. When it finds a change, the container application restarts our application and continues on its way.

Currently, we’re deploying our DLLs to our server using a simple SCP command to the target directory. While this works, I wanted to give Octopus Deploy a shot to see if it could give us more flexibility. It looks like the recommended approach is to have OctoPack create a NuGet package, which would be deployed onto our server. However, I’m unclear if there’s a way to have the NuGet package unpacked into the existing sub-directory that our application’s container is watching. I’m just not really clear on NuGet as a technology, nor how Octopus wants to manage packages.

Do you think Octopus would be a good fit for us, or would we be bending it too much?

Hi Adam,

Yes, OctoPack is our recommended way to generate the NuGet package that gets pushed to the Octopus Server, when deploying a package using Octopus you can specify a custom directory where the files will be copied to once config transforms/variable substitutions etc have been run. You would populate the value for this custom directory with the directory that your applications container is watching.

I hope that helps!

Thank you and best regards,