Deploy nuget package contents to S3 bucket - without tentacle servers

Hi All,
We are currently using AWS S3 bucket to host our SPA files, and we are wondering how to deploy a nuget package to it from the Octopus server (we have no servers to install octopus tentacles). The S3 upload steps seems to expect a tentacle path as source.


Thanks for getting in touch!

You are correct in that you will need a Tentacle to use the S3 steps. What I would recommend is to install a Tentacle on the same machine as your Octopus Server, which you can then use as the source for this step. This is fully supported and should work perfectly in this scenario :slight_smile:

While the install should be quite straightforward, if you need a quick refresher we have a lovely doc page on how to install a Tentacle.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist,