Deploy helm chart with subcharts (included as requirements)


We’re evaluating Octopus as a tool to manage our deployment process. We use Kubernetes+Helm to deploy our software. Every (micro)-service of our app has a separate helm chart and we have one “umbrella” chart to deploy them as a whole (so app looks as one release in helm).

We have successfully deployed this umbrella chart with Octopus. Now we’re trying to configure Octopus in such a way that we can see subchart names and their version in UI.
We tried to include a step for every subschart, but now in helm they appear as a separate “releases”, not not one helm release as before.

Is there any way can see in UI all subchart names and version, while using one umbrella chart + subcharts? (all those versions apprear in requirements.yaml of umbrella chart).

Hi Lukoyanov,
When Octopus shows the package details against a release like the name, version and sometimes a short description, this comes from the index api for that particular feed. In the case of Nuget or Docker files this is via their respective service REST API endpoints. In the case of Helm charts however, the helm feeds are reliant on the static index.yaml files that are provided by the standard helm registry. These index files unfortunately do not contain information about sub charts and so there is no simple way for the Octopus Server to know what other sub dependencies exist. The only way it could find this information out would be to download the chart, extract the contents of the archive and (recursively) look through and parse all the containing ./charts directories.
If you need this information to be displayed would it be possible to just put this information into your chart description? That way you can customise its contents how you would like
Let me know if this would work for you.

Hi Robert.
Perhaps it is worth adding a request processing option?
helm dep up command in pre-deploy help us