Deploy from .Net solution then deploy Selenium Tests from Java

I have an odd scenario in which I have a .Net solution stored in TFS I have setup via Octopus Deploy, and the deployment of that solution works.

The issue is I have a Selenium project stored in Git, which is also a Java project(this should have been written in .Net alongside the web project that was done in .Net, but it’s in Java and in a different repository).

Our build server is using Jenkins. After I deploy the .Net solution that has a website, how could I kick off the Java Selenium tests associated to it via Octopus?

Hi Joseph

Thanks for reaching out!

You’ve got several ways of achieving this - it depends on where you want to see the success/fail of the tests.

If you want to see the success/fail in Jenkins only, then you can use subscriptions to trigger a Jenkins build on success of your project.

If you want to see the success/fail in Octopus as well, you would need a custom script to kick off the Jenkins build and poll for the completion. If the Jenkins job fails, then your script would just throw an exception (or just exit 1) which would fail the deployment.

Hope that helps!