Deploy doesnt deploy to custom install directory

I am using a custom install directory listed in in variables and placed in process > install to and it is also selected in the config options

below is from the xml
CustomInstallationDirectory is not what I have defined in the variable and I don’t know where that came from
ExtractedTo is not what I have defined in the variable either

this is what I have defined: CustomWebInstallDirectory value C:\www\octopusTest install to #{CustomWebInstallDirectory}

how can I make the zip file deploy to the custom path and just copy the files.
I don’t want it C:\Octopus\Applications\pghqaitweb01\Bentley.Web\
it must be C:\www\octopusTest\files where files would be the Bentley.Web extracted files

also where does it get the name pghqaitweb01 from-- the only place I have that defined is in the environment



Thanks for reaching out! Could you follow the instructions in the below doc and send us a full deployment log?

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I solved the issue, took me close to 30 websites to find that I have to make a new release every time I make a change on octopus deploy. I figured server changes just affected the deploy controls and not the actual binaries of the code push.



Hi Daren,

That’s correct. Everytime to re-deploy a release, it uses a snapshot of the variables and deployment process from the time when it was created. So if you make a change to a variable or to the deployment process, you need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.