Deploy a Zip dependency prior to IIS deployment


Currently we are deploying a IIS web app using the default process, ie a new, unique folder for each deployment.

What we want to do is that prior to the IIS deployment, we want to extract a different zip file to the root of the IIS web app.
The zip file is already in the OD feed, but with a different version.

For example.
We deploy, but first want to extract
In the MyWeb project there would be some variable with version of TheFoundation zip to use.

Do anyone have any recommendation on this?
Is it possible to access or use a file from feed like this?


Hi Per,

Thanks for reaching out! The problem here is that the path where MyWeb gets deployed is dynamically created when that step runs, so there’s no way for a prior step to know where a future step is going to land.

Is there a chance you can deploy that content after you deploy MyWeb and then start the webapp? Cause if that’s the case you could use the variable #{Octopus.Action[MyWeb deploy step name].Output.Package.InstallationDirectoryPath} to reference the paths where the package was deployed on the previous step.



Thanks for the response.

That might work.

But I don’t understand how to deploy a different package from the feed, with a specific version?

Sorry I forgot to answer that part of your question! You’ll be having 2 Package deploy steps, one that deploys MyWeb and another that deploys TheFoundation. You’ll be able to pick the version when you create the release.

Ah, didn’t know you could do that. Just found it in the docs.
I can work with that.