'Deploy a release' steps when using Offline Drop not working?


It seems that steps that deploy releases within a release do not seem to generate appropriate output in offline drops. Is this by design / a wider issue / a setting?

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Thanks for getting in touch! I believe this is by design. The offline drop style of deployment is designed to be self contained and fully functional without any connection to the Octopus server once it has been created.

I do not think there is any way that a ‘Deploy a Release’ step will work with the offline drop due to this. It looks like the ability to use this step with an offline drop target is a bug.

I am going to follow up with the team about this, though I believe if this is the case then the action we take would be removing the ability to add it for offline drop targets.

Let me know if I have possibly misinterpreted your questions here, I’ll follow up with the team regardless. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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As it stands, the offline drop pushes out all of the individual modules for the release, which means (since they all share the same deployment root) they could deploy.

Furthermore, I believe that removing the ability for offline targets is not the right move for the product. A message stating that this step would be omitted in an offline package drop would be better as (like in our case) we have a mix of online and offline and would not want to maintain 2 processes.

My actual belief is that the offline drop can and should work, but it would require an offline way of figuring out whether or not the release has been deployed.

For better knowledge, in the case of my deployment cycle, I have a process that looks something like

  1. Stop IIS
  2. Deploy Base (This contains some child releases too)
  3. Deploy Module 1
  4. Deploy Module x
  5. Start IIS

Any module can be deployed in isolation, but it is easier for initial set up if they are deployed together. In the initial design, we had specific steps in here too, but moved them out due to functionality not working.

Am happy to chat / whatever to discuss this further if it helps