'Deploy a Package' step to Ubuntu 18.04 fails

Hey friends,

We’re trying to upload a Nuget package to our newly-minted linux tentacle. Here’s the specific error message we get:

                    |       Failed: Download package Goonies.Goonies2 v1.0.0.62 directly from NuGet feed 'TeamCity'
17:34:09   Verbose  |         Using Calamari 7.1.0
17:34:29   Verbose  |         Starting /bin/bash in working directory '/etc/octopus/default/Work/20190816213433-42787-66' using 'Unicode (UTF-8)' encoding running as 'root' with the same environment variables as the launching process
17:34:30   Error    |         /etc/octopus/default/Work/20190816213433-42787-66/Bootstrap.sh: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
17:34:30   Error    |         /etc/octopus/default/Work/20190816213433-42787-66/Bootstrap.sh: line 2: `param('
17:34:30   Verbose  |         Process /bin/bash in /etc/octopus/default/Work/20190816213433-42787-66 exited with code 2
17:34:30   Verbose  |         Exit code: 2

Upon inspection of Bootstrap.sh, we find that it’s trying to run a PowerShell script, and the ‘unexpected newline’ error is because it seems to be trying to interpret the PowerShell script as bash.

Any advice?

Update: apparently we found the problem - if the linux tentacle reports as unhealthy, this happens. But if it’s healthy, the deployment works ok.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch and trying out Linux Tentacle.

We are currently relying on the health check result to determine whether to send PowerShell or bash scripts. There are changes in progress to send the correct scripts all the time, this will be addressed by the time we take the “beta” flag off of Linux Tentacle.


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