Deleting the already deployed release


I am newbie to Octopus Deployment.

I have created and deployed a release with some version number 1.0.5263.XXXXX to one of the environments and pushed the same to the other environment.

The version number 1.0.5263.XXXXX was because of setting the value of [assembly: AssemblyVersion] attribute of ‘AssemblyInfo.cs file’ to [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“1.0.5263.*”)]

Later, I removed the hard coding of Build number and made it: [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“1.0.*”)]

But, now the version numbers that are getting created are in the range of 1.0.5262.XXXXX. Because of this situation, whenever I am trying to create a release, the ‘Latest Version’ field which I can see is having value of 1.0.5263.XXXXX.

I have following Q’s:

(1) Does deploying the release which has lower version number than the latest version number create any problem?

(2) Is it safe to delete the release, which has already been deployed to one environment and pushed to other?


Hi Vikram,

Thanks for your post!

To answer your questions: Both of these scenarios are safe to complete.
There are no problems created when a release has a lower version number, and it is safe to delete an already deployed release.

Hope that helps!