Delete environment does not remove scoping

We’ve just run across an issue where a step was scoped to an environment that was subsequently deleted. Running a deployment just skips those steps, with no reason stated in the log.

Looking at the api for the deploymentprocess, we found that the environment was still listed against the step.

In the UI, there is no visual indication that the step is scoped to an the environment.

I found that I could reproduce it like this:

  • create a new environment
  • create a new project
  • create a step on this project, scoped to this environment
  • delete the environment
    -> view the deploymentprocess via the api - it still lists the environment.

I know that automatically removing the scoping would be a bad idea, especially if it is the only environment scoped to that step (it would run against all environments - not necessarily desirable). However, I think there probably needs to be some warning displayed somewhere/somehow.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve submitted a github issue for this: