Deep linking back to TFS/ALM systems

Octopus 3.3.9

We have recently implemented release notes to our TFS system with forward-linking to Octopus for release notes.

We are wondering is there any backwards/deep-linking to allow us to link back to TFS when workitems under a release move environment?

I.e when WorkItems move from Test to Stage that a deep link could be added back.

Is this on any sort of roadmap? Or would it require ourselves to create this?


Thanks for getting in touch!

I just want to make sure I’m getting this right. The Create Release step in the Octopus VSTS/TFS extension currently adds deep links back to related work items in TFS. Are you talking about a TFS Release Management step to modify these release notes in Octopus when a release moves between RM environments?

We don’t have anything like this currently on the roadmap, but if you can give me some more details about exactly what you need it to do, I can look into it.



Sorry for the delay, yes the extension does add deep links back (which is great).

What I was looking for is something which the Release Management functionality comes close to.

We have work items associated to a release, however when doing CI and automatically deploying to Test/Dev we may end up with many commits/work items spread across varying releases.

This gives us little viability when workitems (WI)/commits transition into the next stage.

For example:

A developer commits/releases (auto-magic) over a few hours…


Now we have varying work item changes (PBIs/Tasks) over varying releases. When we deploy to test, it would be nice if we could look at all the changes/WI’s and mark them as deployed to staging.

Ideally, I’m looking for trace-ability of what WI/Commit is where in our environments, this may or may not be out of scope for Octopus, and may come more into Release Management.


Thanks for the clarification, and yes, I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s a little difficult to work out from these builds alone which features are related to which release.

It’s clear we need to do a bit more evaluation on how to identify exactly what is in each release in Octopus. Tying them to particular builds doesn’t give a very clear picture. We’ll need to work out whether this becomes a Step Template in Octopus, or a Build Task in Release Management. I think we can come up with a working solution though.

If you have any suggestions, I’d strongly encourage you to add to the Octopus UserVoice. There are a few suggestions around Release Notes, or your could add your own.

Sorry there’s not a better answer at the moment!