Dedicated Machines per project


we have a setup where each machine is assigned to a project and environment.
So there are 3 machines for each project.

How can this be setup in Octopus. One tipp I found was to setup the environment per project.
But with a huge list of environments the dashboard is very confusing.
One idea was to use project specific roles. However, this does not ensure that these roles are used in the process.

Regards Georg

Hi George,

Thanks for reaching out. The ideal setup would be to have each machine in the environment they belong to. Octopus was built around that idea and any other alternative, like having them all on the same environment and differentiate them by roles, would definitely make things a lot harder in the long run. You could configure the dashboard to only show the specific set of projects that you care about (see attached screenshot).



Hi Dalmiro,

I guess it would be great then, to also have something like a role for the environments.
(so DEV- PROJ a would have a DEV role) and then group it by environment role on the dashboard, this would allow you to have a fast overview of the status in different environments.
With 10+ projects 3 environments each, the list here gets quite extensive, even when filtering the dashboard.

Regards, Georg

Hi Georg,

That is not a bad idea actually. Would you mind submitting it on uservoice? If enough people vote it, we might consider implementing it in future releases

For the time being I strongly recommend you to have each machine on the environment they belong (even if it means only 1 machine per env), and not all of them on the same environment but differentiated just by role.

You could use Octoposh to get a quicker glimpse of the environments/projects status from Powershell with a simple script like this one.

See attached screenshot to check how the output would look like