Dealing with large numbers of Variables

I have to deal with 50 environments as I have 50 instances of 1 package on the same server.

Aside from having to register the machine 50 times for each environment (I did script that) I also need 4 variables per site. It’s also worth noting that the screen stops working well (user interface wise) after about 30 rows.

So my final issue is that I’m using IE10 and now I’m running into a js error when I attempt to edit the variables.

Unable to get property 'Components' of undefined or null reference 
octopusjs, line 1 character 38

Hi Daniel,

Do you still get the JS error? You could try deleting any min.js files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Octopus\Portal\Scripts

As far as the variables go, for 2.0 we plan to make a couple of changes:

  1. Variable editing will be supported by the API, so you’ll be able to script it
  2. We’ll provide a nice, probably Silverlight-based, variable editor that will better handle large amounts of variables, along with possibly an import/export to CSV feature.


Import / export to CSV would be awesome.