Database change scripts deployment

Hi everyone,

I would be really grateful if you could help me to find the answer on the following. Currently, the deployment process of change scripts in my company is:

  • archive folder with sql change scripts;
  • copy to the destination environment;
  • unzip the archive;
  • make a call to the database to find the version;
  • run the script which merge all change scripts that are greater than database version into one file;
  • run sqlcmd utility to make a database back up and deploy change scripts to the database;

For the current moment, this process is automated using pure batch scripting. The disadvantage is in copying archive to the remote server and error handling. I want to use OctopusDeploy product because it has a nice approach of managing multiple environments. However, I couldn’t find exact answer on how can I deploy change scripts.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hi Stan,

We have a page here with some general information about managing database deployments in Octopus:

Does that help?