Database Backup task status forever stuck as 'Cancelling' after upgrading to OD3

Hi, I’ve been having an issue with a Database Backup task from 2.6 that has never successfully canceled, even after upgrading to OD3 all the way to the current OD

Is there an easy way to manually remove this task? Can I simply drop the record from the database? The SQL record is shown below. A screenshot of the task within Octopus’s UI is also attached.

Id	Name	Description	QueueTime	StartTime	CompletedTime	ErrorMessage	ConcurrencyTag	State	HasPendingInterruptions	HasWarningsOrErrors	ServerNode	ProjectId	EnvironmentId	JSON
ServerTasks-97	Backup	Scheduled database backup	2015-07-14 12:04:04.8186158 -04:00	2015-07-14 12:04:05.9918599 -04:00	NULL		NULL	Cancelling	0	0	NULL	NULL	NULL	{"Arguments":{},"QueueTimeExpiry":"01:30:00","ExecutionTimeExpiry":"00:00:00","LastUpdatedTime":"2015-07-14T12:04:06.5127137-04:00","ExtendedViewLogPermissions":[],"ExtendedCreatePermissions":[],"CanRerun":true}


Hi Aron,
If that has indeed been there since 2.6 and its still sitting in that state then it shouldn’t hurt to force its state to cancelled since it should have well finished with any resource locks. Are you aware if perhaps the server died while it was still in the cancelling phase?

In any case, you can run the following SQL on the appropriate database to force it to the correct state.

 UPDATE [dbo].[ServerTask] Set State='Canceled' WHERE Id='ServerTasks-97'

Let me know if this fixes your sticky-state problem.

I’m unaware what caused the backup to fail originally, but it seems the update script did the trick and Octopus now sees it as canceled.

Thank you for your help Robert!
Issue can be closed.