Data not appearing after upgrade from 0.9.620.4 to

Today, I upgraded my Octopus server using the information on the [upgrade guide] (, and used the default path for the database (C:\Octopus\Data). After the upgrade, I no longer see any of my environments, variables, projects, steps, etc. inside of the Octopus dashboard (or anywhere else).

How can I retrieve that information so that I don’t have to manually recreate all of it?


That documentation only applies to upgrade when your starting version is 1.0 or greater. There is currently no migration path from SQL based versions (<= 0.9) to 1.0 which uses RavenDB. But Paul promises he’s working on a tool for that! :slight_smile: See here:


Hi David,

Jeff is correct, the 1.0 releases don’t import data from older releases because of the database change. You can uninstall 1.0 and install the previous 0.9 release if you need to continue using this while I work on the migration tool. I’ll also make this more prominent on the downloads page.

The last 0.9 release can be downloaded from: