Data Migration from one octopus server to another octopus server

Hello Team,

Can you help me out with the process how can i migrate data of one octopus server to a new setup of octopus server, It will be great if i can have a document.


Hi Reetika,

Thanks for getting in touch! Majority of the information for Octopus lives within the database. The easiest way to move this is to take a database backup and restore it on a new server. All you need is the master key to connect to an existing database when installing a new instance.
There are also some files that need to be moved from the origin server such as packages, artifacts and server task logs.
These exist in (in standard installations it is C: this may be different for you):

  • C:\Octopus\Packages
  • C:\Octopus\Artifacts
  • C:\Octopus\TaskLogs

So summarize this would be the suggested steps:

1 Place your current Octopus into Maintenance Mode and stop the service when all deployments have completed.
2 Take note of your master key
3 Take a backup of your Octopus Database
4 Restore the DB on the new server
5 Create a new Octopus instance (in the same version as the existing instance)
6 When creating this instance, select the restored DB as the database to use, it will prompt for the master key
7 Move your files from the 3 above folders from the old server to the new server

That should be it! Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.

Hello Vanessa,

Thanks for replying me but I don`t need to restore complete database need to just have some projects and machine.

Hi Reetika,

Have you seen our migrator feature? It allows an export of all data, which you can determine what to import by deleting that which you do not want to import.
Maybe this is suitable?

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: