Data longer than 2147483647 is not supported

Hi There
We receive the following error message during deployment Data longer than 2147483647 is not supported. and the deployment fails immediately after this message. The error does not occur when we reduce the output of the bash deployment script.

We have a workaround to mitigate the issue, but it sounds like a bug that should be investigated.

Hi NIcholas,

Thanks for reaching out. Which version of Octopus are you running? Additionally please follow the below steps to send us a verbose deployment log so we can see what happened.

  1. Add these 2 variables to your project

  2. Create a new release (so the new variables take effect) and deploy it. If possible skip as many steps as you can and only leave step we are troubleshooting in order to avoid the noise in the log.

  3. Send us the raw log of that deployment

Best regards,

Hi Dalmiro
Is there a more private way of communication? I am not allowed to post our deployment logs to a public support platform.

Hi Nicolas,

You can send the logs to Support(at)Octopus(dot)com and we can continue the conversation there.

Please also let me know:

  • How many variables does your project have approx.
  • Which version of Octopus are you running.