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Using 2018.6.15

In our Dashboard, when have about 50 projects across multiple project groups. For project groups that have many projects, you have to scroll down the main dashboard page and then scroll down within the individual project group.

Is there a way to disable this “sub-scrolling” behavior within project groups and just make every project visible on the dashboard screen?

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Hi @James12,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The virtual scroll bars were introduced to solve a specific problem for some of our largest customers, but unfortunately have the side effect of reducing usability overall. We are aware that this is a problem and are working on a toggle to be able to either disable or enable these scrollbars as appropriate.

If you follow the github issue we have tracking the problem you will be notified of any updates and when it is included in a production release of Octopus.

Sorry for the wear and tear we are putting on your scroll wheel :frowning:



Are there any updates on this? GitHub issue has not been updated for a month.

We recently updated Octopus and feel that this Dashboard UI update makes it much more difficult to use :confused:

Hi @ChrisS,

The engineer who is working on that issue is currently on Paternity leave and should be back on deck shortly, so progress is not far away. Unfortunately this is a tricky area (with many usability vs performance tradeoffs) so it’s not easy for another engineer to pick up on the work, so the decision was made to wait rather than potentially make the problem worse.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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Hi @ChrisS and @James12,

Just wanted to let you know that this is progressing and we should have the option to disable the virtual scroll bars in the next two weeks or so.


Thanks for the update @Alex.Rolley, great news :slight_smile:

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