Dashboard Improvement Suggestion

It would be awesome if we could have a machine-specific Dashboard so we could at a glance see what the current version of each Project is deployed to a given Tentacle.

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for getting in touch. You could build a custom one using the API - however there’s an important thing to keep in mind: We do not store the latest version per machines. We do it only per environment. You could build your own dashboard(not in Octopus) where, Using the API, you could show the latest version by environment and list the machines in that environment. But that wouldn’t be very reliable as you might add a machine to the environment after deploying the latest version of your code.

The only place where we track information about the machines and the deployments made to each one of them, is on a file called DeploymenJournal.xml on each Tentacle. We use the content of this file for the logic behind the Retention Policies execution. But that information is sitting on each machine, and the only way to retrieve it is by reading that file. You could create a script that reads the content of that file and prints a report based on that.

Sorry if its not the answer you were looking for