Dashboard filtering doesn’t work as expected

As below thread was closed I’m opening new one.

Dashboard filtering doesn’t work as expected

Where are we with this fix?

We’ll be shipping a fix for this soon https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/5861

Bug was reported at March, github issue at September. It’s end of October and we’re nowhere with it.


Hi Kamil,

Sorry to see you are hitting this issue.

To help further, could I ask what version are you using for Octopus?

The GitHub issue states that it would affect versions 2019.8.5 and below:

If you upgrade to a version passed 2019.8.5 to a version higher 2019.8.6, this should no longer be an issue if I’m not mistaken.

I would recommend following this guide if you were to do so:

I hope this information has been useful to you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,

Hi Ziaul,
github issue was reported when 2019.8.5 was newest version possible. This issue persists on 2019.10.1 (which we’re running)

Hi Kamil,

Thank you for getting back to me with the version you are using.

I have Highlighted this to our engineers who will discuss this first thing in the morning.

They will get back to me as soon as they have a solid plan of action to fix this bug.

Thank you for your patience in the matter.

Kind regards,


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Hi Kamil,

I am sorry for all the trouble you have had with the dashboard and the time it has taken to get a resolution to your issue. We, in the engineering team, have had a good look at the dashboard filtering and are looking to implement the following:

  • Split out the errors and warnings into separate filters so you can choose one or both.

  • Make sure the total number of projects on the dashboard filter don’t change i.e the “y” in “x out of y” should not change.

  • The UI should make it obvious and clear any time a filter is applied.

If you are happy to participate in some user research I would like to find out from you which filtering you use on the dashboard most and what information you gather from glancing at the dashboard day-to-day?


Hello Kartik,
I’m happy to hear that you’ll go going to make changes to how dashboard works. For me the most important things would be:

  • separating errors from warnings
  • allow to display only projects with errors -> currently there is a configuration to set number of project to show + errors. It would be easier to understand what’s going on when I would filter to [All projects, All errors]
  • It would be nice to have a possibility to configure more than one dashboard or define “views” in it.


  • we have over 400 projects (and growing)
  • we have 20 project groups (and growing)

On daily basis I’m monitoring about 6 groups of projects with total of almost 200 projects. Now it’s really hard to find what’s really going one at a glance. First thing in a morning I wan’t to know if something failed, but with a scroll being that long:

and not projects loaded
it’s really hard to quickly catch all problems.

Time to time I wan’t to check all projects health, but now I find it rather impossible due to problems I pointed above.


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Hi Kamil,

Thanks for your patience. I wanted to give you an update on what we have been up to at OctopusHQ regarding the dashboard. Over the last few weeks we tried to refactor the dashboard and make the experience smoother. As you can imagine, dashboard being the front and centre of what users see when they first login, has been through many iterations and code changes, and is the not the easiest thing to tame reliably. However, to address concerns that you and other users have been having, here is what we have come up with:

• We will remove errors and warnings to be part of the results when filtering by number of projects. We feel users should use other filters such as project groups, project names to filter their dashboard to just have the projects they care about.

• We are working on a plan for a bigger refactor that will introduce more features to the dashboard including making it more customisable for users.

You should see the updates to the dashboard filtering roll out in the fast-lane version this week. Let me know your thoughts.