Customer Deployments


I’m currently evaluating Octopus for our deployments. It seems a good fit for most of our scenarios, using TFS and then pushing through the QA environments, and for our hosted customers, onto PROD.

Our company provides software for the financial services and hence some of our customers have hardened servers located on their sites and it will probably not open ports for Octopus.

Is there a way I can re-use the configurations and packages in this scenario, i.e. install just the tentacle and copy across configuration and packages and somehow get the tentacle to run off these?


Hi David,

Not currently. We used to have a command-line “Tentacle.exe deploy-package yourpkg.nupkg” but there were a number of issues and it has been removed, with plans to bring it back in a future release.

NuGet packages are zips so it should be possible to extract them with NuGet.exe or another tool and then to invoke the scripts all via PowerShell.

Hope that helps,