Custom User Permissions

We’re having issues with the run as user for tentacles in our Octopus deployment. It seems to be permission based as it works perfectly fine when the “run as” account is set as local admin. I’ve attempted to use a domain account that has full access permissions on the deployment folder “C:\Octopus” but to no avail. The error I am getting is below:

“ERROR System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Filename: redirection.config
Error: Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions”

What permissions does the user have to be assigned/has anyone else run into this and was able to resolve it without having the user as a local admin?

Hi Sean, do you know roughly what Octopus/Tentacle was doing when that error was reported? The user might need permissions to the IIS configuration folders.


This was occurring while the Tentacle was deploying a new configuration. Which IIS folders are you speaking about?

Hi Sean,

You’ll find a redirection.config file under:


My guess is that when Tentacle tries to update IIS, it needs to modify files in this folder, so you would need to grant the account access to do this.